Why book me? I just LOVE babies and what I do! I put a huge amount of effort into ever session. Props are of the highest quality and sourced from trusted makers. I’ve undertaken numerous newborn training events and practice the safety techniques learnt at these. Safety when posing is key!  I never rush sessions as I like babies to be in the best possible positions and for the props/hats/headbands to be sitting properly on babies heads. It’s little things like this that make such a difference.

Photographing newborn babies is not always the easiest of tasks, but I have loads of techniques to help keep baby settled and asleep. This makes it very rewarding as I’m capturing truly precious memories.

To achieve those curly poses, babies are best photographed from 4-21 days old, but I can also do older babies.

Sessions are normally between 2-3 hours long depending on the baby and feeds. 

Choosing a newborn photographed can be difficult, but I hope what you see on here helps you. I also have lots of images on my Facebook and Instagram pages, aswell as many lovely review’s on Facebook and Google.

Session fee’s are £50 and can include some with parents, siblings or even your dog. Packages thereafter and listed on the Prices page.

The gallery below shows some of my recent newborn work.